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woman Rougemont*, Alice Norna de ‏ (born ‎30 Nov 1903 East Grinstead - Sussex (Green Hedges) - died ‎11 Feb 1982 East Preston - Sussex (76 Sea Road))  ‎ ) ( ‎Robert Henry Skeffington Wynne*/, Major‎
woman Rougemont*, Caroline Elizabeth de ‏ PRIVACY FILTER X ‎Richard Michael Glover*‎
man Rougemont*, Charles Glennie de ‏ (born ‎5 Feb 1875 Filkins Hall - Oxon - died ‎9 Oct 1964 Forest Row - Sussex (Old Shalesbrook))  ‎ X ‎Kathleen Mary Clifford Pearless*‎
woman Rougemont*, Jane Clare de ‏ PRIVACY FILTER X ‎Thupten Thapke Sherpa‎
man Rougemont*, Peter Henry de ‏ PRIVACY FILTER X ‎Penelope Anne Jeannette Winch**‎
woman Rougemont*, Sarah Ann de ‏ PRIVACY FILTER X ‎John Simon George Hales‎

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