manHarry Peerless‏‎
Born ‎13 Apr 1890 Corby, Northants.‎, baptised ‎1922 Sutton Coldfield, Warwks. (69 Riland Rd), died ‎4Q 1974 Birmingham‎, 83 or 84 years. Occupations: Boot&shoemaker/repairer. Son of Alfred Jeremiah Peerless and Frances (Fanny) Spencer
He started working on the railways but after an accident that resulted in having both his feet amputated, the Company set him up as a boot & shoe maker & repairer [AP].

Married ‎17 Apr 1922 Walmley, Warwicks. (51 or 52 years married) to:

womanAnnie Rhodes‏‎
Born ‎C1899‎
Daughter of John Rhodes, a painter. When married in 1922 she was a shop assistant living at Walmley; witnesses were John Cooper, Benjamin Rhodes & Beatrice E Rhodes.


womanJoan Peerless‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER
manAlan Peerless‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER