manGeorge James Peerless‏‎
Born ‎20 May 1854 Tunbridge Wells, Kent (Belgrave Terrace)‎, baptised ‎1881 Ashford, Kent (24 Beaver Place), died ‎4Q 1931 Tonbridge, Kent‎, 76 or 77 years. Occupations: Railway signalman (1894). Son of James Peerless and Fanny Summers
In 1881 Census he was at Ashford with his wife Rebecca and daughter Kate; he was described as "Railway shunter (pointsman)". In 1891 Census after Rebecca's death and before he remarried in 1894, he was living at 31 Vale Rd, Tonbridge with his children Kate & Harry; his youngest child Olive was with his parents James & Fanny. In 1901 Census he was a railway signalman, living at 8 Woodside Rd, Tonbridge with Eliza, their children Philip & Ivy, and his step-sons Ernest and John.

Married ‎3Q 1880 Tunbridge Wells, Kent (5 or 6 years married) to:

womanRebecca Frederica Ribbens‏‎
Born ‎C1856 Kingsdown, Kent‎, died ‎4Q 1886 Tunbridge Wells, Kent‎, 29 or 30 years
Daughter of Frederick & Rebecca Ribbens; he was a coachman at Tunbridge Wells (1861).


womanKate J Peerless‏‎
Born ‎3Q 1880 Tunbridge Wells, Kent, baptised ‎1901 London W. (St George's, Hanover Sq.)‎. Occupations: Cook domestic (1901)
manHarry William Peerless‏‎
Born ‎1Q 1882 West Ashford, Kent‎. Occupations: Gunner, Ryl.Marine Art'ry
In 1901 Census, a Gunner in the Royal Marine Artillery, he was a patient at the Royal Naval Hospital, Haslar, Alverstoke, Hants.
womanOlive Gertrude Peerless‏‎
Born ‎3Q 1884 West Ashford, Kent‎
In 1891 Census, after the death of her mother in 1886, she was living with her grandparents James and Fanny Peerless. In 1901 Census she was working as a "between-maid" at Lee, London SE.

2nd marriage
manGeorge James Peerless‏‎

Married ‎9 Dec 1894 Tunbridge Wells, Kent (Parish Church) (36 or 37 years married) to:

womanEliza Jane Shorter‏‎
Born ‎C1865 Greenwich, Kent‎
Daughter of Ambrose Shorter, a labourer, but married as Eliza Mears, a widow; she was then living at Basinghall Street, Tunbridge Wells; witnesses were Sarah Jane Walter & Walter Walter. From her previous marriage she apparently had two sons, Ernest (b.c1892, Southgate, Middx) & John (b.c1894, Wood Green, Middx), who in 1901 Census were living with George & Eliza, and both were named Peerless.


manJames George Peerless‏
Born ‎16 Dec 1895 Tonbridge, Kent (86 Woodside Road)‎, died ‎4Q 1933 Tonbridge, Kent‎, 37 or 38 years. Occupations: Railway signalman (1896)
In 1901 Census a James Peerless (grandson, aged 5, born at Tonbridge) was living at 49 Bannockburn Rd, Plumstead, Woolwich, London SE, with Thomas Clark and his wife Caroline; in 1881 Census Thomas & Caroline Clark and their family, including their only daughter Hannah M Clark, lived at 40 Bennett St, Greenwich.
manPhilip Arthur Peerless‏‎
Born ‎5 Jan 1898 Tunbridge (?Tonbridge), Kent, died ‎3Q 1972 Greenwich, Kent‎, 73 or 74 years
womanIvy Grace Peerless‏‎
Born ‎2Q 1900 Tunbridge (?Tonbridge), Kent‎