manHerbert John Pearless‏‎
Born ‎29 May 1887 Hendon, London NW6 (4 Claremont Road)‎, died ‎4 Aug 1964 Uxbridge, Middlesex‎, 77 years. Occupations: Telegraph messenger ('01). Son of William Pearless and Eliza Pearless
Herbert and his wife lived at West End Road, Southall, Middx. until their deaths. Herbert served WWI as Corporal, Middlesex Regt [NArch]; served WWII and was severely wounded in the arm. They had no children.

Married ‎2Q 1915 Aylesbury, Bucks (48 or 49 years married) to:

womanFlorence Mary Weedon‏‎
Born ‎28 Mar 1891, died ‎1Q 1973 Ealing, Middx.‎, 81 or 82 years