womanSarah Couchman‏‎
Born ‎C1822 Tunbridge Wells, Kent‎, died ‎11 May 1887 Wadhurst, Sussex‎, 64 or 65 years
Admon.granted 26.1.1888 to James Peerless of Wadhurst, plumber [the relict].

Married ‎2Q 1847 Southwark, London SE. (St Saviour) (39 or 40 years married) to:

manJames Peerless‏‎
Born ‎C1816 Chiddingstone, Kent‎, baptised ‎ Ticehurst & Sparrows Geen, Wadhurst, Sx., died ‎11 Jan 1895 Hanwell, Middx. (Hanwell Lunatic Asylum)‎, 78 or 79 years. Occupations: Painter,Plumber,Glazier. Son of Edward Pearless and Mary Reynolds
Vicar-General Marriage Licence dated 19.4.1847 for marriage at St Saviour, Southwark, John of St Saviour, Sarah of Tonbridge, both over 21. In 1861 Census he was living at Cowden with his wife and children Mary, Sarah, James, Ellen, William & Caroline. In 1891 Census he was living at Wadhurst, a lodger with Mary Tompsett in the town. Will dated 17.7.1888 proved at London 15.3.1895; probate to James Peerless, plumber & William Henry Wallis, builder, both of Lamberhurst.


womanMary Peerless‏‎
Born ‎4Q 1849 Ticehurst, Sussex‎
Married ? Stirret and had a son William G (b.c1875, Wadhurst), who in 1881 Census was staying with his Peerless grand-parents at Wadhurst.
womanSarah Elizabeth Peerless‏‎
Born ‎1Q 1851 Ticehurst, Sussex‎
Married ? Weston.
manJames Peerless‏
Born ‎2Q 1852 Wadhurst, Sussex, baptised ‎1881 Ticehurst, Sussex (Burners Hill), died ‎4Q 1908 Ticehurst, Sussex‎, 55 or 56 years. Occupations: Plumber
In 1881 Census he was living at Ticehurst with his wife Eleanor. In 1888 he was living at Lamberhurst.
womanEllen Peerless‏‎
Born ‎2Q 1855 Wadhurst, Sussex‎. Occupations: Cook (1881)
In 1881 Census she was unmarried, a cook in domestic service at 3 Calverley Park Gardens, Tuhbridge Wells.
womanAnn Elizabeth Peerless‏‎
Born ‎4Q 1856 Ticehurst, Sussex‎
manWilliam Peerless‏‎
Born ‎4Q 1858 Wadhurst, Sussex, died ‎before 1888‎, at most 30 years
womanCaroline Peerless‏‎
Born ‎1Q 1861 Cowden, Kent, died ‎3Q 1876 Ticehurst, Sussex‎, 14 or 15 years
manThomas Couchman Peerless‏‎
Born ‎4Q 1864 Ticehurst, Sussex, died ‎4Q 1865 Ticehurst, Sussex‎, 0 or 1 years