manJoseph Pearless‏‎
Born ‎16 Dec 1823 East Grinstead, Sussex (Holly Bush Farm)‎, baptised ‎1851 Godalming, Surrey (Mill Lane), died ‎6 Jun 1903 West Chiltington, Sussex (Scotland Hse.)‎, 79 years, bur. ‎Jun 1903 West Chiltington, Sussex (St Mary) (MI). Occupations: Mining Engineer. Son of William Pearless and Mary Wilson Durrant
In 1869 he was an Importer at 218 Church Street, New York; in 1871 Brookhurst, East Grinstead with wife & son, and visitors Edward Applegarth (b.1848 Canada) & John Crawford (b.1835 America); in 1873 owned 95 acres, in 1874 freehold, of Godwin Farm, East Grinstead, but occupying Brookhurst; in 1881 an Agent, with wife & son at Lewisham; in 1891 living at Willesden; in 1901 retired merchant at 11 Norfolk Mans, Santos Rd, Wandsworth, his son's wife & daughter living nearby. His siblings' Wills seem to exclude him in favour of his wife and son.

Married ‎ ?USA to:

womanLaura Augusta ?‏‎
Born ‎C1840 New York, USA, died ‎4 Nov 1930 Hampton, Middx. (22 Church St)‎, 89 or 90 years
Will dated 23.11.1896, when living at 27 Galveston Rd, East Putney, Surrey; Probate at London 6.2.1931 to Walter Henry Court, solicitor.


manWilliam Seymour Pearless‏
Born ‎Dec 1862 New York, USA, baptised ‎1934 Shamva, Southern Rhodesia, died ‎1 Mar 1934 Southern Rhodesia‎, 71 years. Occupations: Mining Engineer
In the Passenger Records of Ellis Island, New York he is shown as arriving there as a visitor 8.9.1893 on SS "Venezuela", from Puerto Cabello, Venezuela & Havana, Cuba; his age was 30yrs 9mos and his "calling: Assayer". Will dated 26.2.1934, certified at the High Court of Southern Rhodesia, Salisbury 4.5.1934 and Probate granted at London 30.6.1934 to Mary Josephine Pearless, his widow.