womanEdith Catherine Pearless‏‎
Born ‎1856 East Grinstead, Sussex, baptised ‎1881 Moat Rd.,East Grinstead, Sx.(Northleigh), died ‎after 1923‎, at least 67 years. Daughter of William Pearless and Mary Ann(e) Richardson
Mr & Mrs Head and their daughters, Winifred and Norah, attended the wedding of Kathleen Pearless and Charles de Rougemont in 1902.

Married ‎5 May 1883 Brighton, Sussex (St.Peter) (at least 40 years married) to:

manEvelyn Alston Head‏‎
Born ‎1849 East Grinstead, Sussex, baptised ‎1906 East Grinstead, Sussex (Daledene)‎. Occupations: Solicitor
At the time of his marriage in 1883 he was living at 8 York Place, Brighton. Witnesses at the marriage were Percy Turner Jones Head, Mary Anne Pearless & William Austen Pearless; they were married by Rev.Douglas Y Blakiston, Vicar of East Grinstead. See note re."PEARLESS & HEAD" (162).


womanWinifred Mary Alston Head‏‎
Baptised ‎1918‎
womanGwendoline Norah Alston Head‏‎
Baptised ‎1918‎