womanAlice ?‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER

Married to:

manGilbert Peerless‏‎
Born ‎25 Sep 1888 Crowborough, Rotherfield, Sussex‎, baptised ‎1916 Cottesloe WA, Australia‎. Occupations: Civil Servant (1916). Son of James Peerless and Mary Blagden
Australian WW1 records show that he enlisted 13.5.1916 at Perth WA, having previously served in 1st Vol.Batt. Royal Sussex Regt.; he was described as a Civil Servant, married to Alice, living at Dalhousie, Chamberlain Street, Cottesloe WA. On 13.6.1916 he was appointed to 4th Div.Signals Coy. as a Sapper; after the War he returned to Australia, disembarking 15.1.1919.


manRoy James Peerless‏‎ PRIVACY FILTER