manJames Peerless‏‎
Born ‎C1779 Groombridge, Sussex‎, baptised ‎ Rotherfield, Sussex, died ‎21 Apr 1837 Rotherfield, Sussex‎, 57 or 58 years, bur. ‎1837 Rotherfield, Sussex (St Denys). Occupations: Labourer. Son of Thomas Peerless and Elizabeth Winter
MI gave age as 56. When married by Banns at Withyham in 1806, she was of that parish, James of Rotherfield.

Married ‎25 May 1806 Withyham, Sussex (St Michael) (25 years married) to:

womanMary Ashdown‏‎
Born ‎C1772‎, died ‎21 Jan 1832‎, 59 or 60 years, bur. ‎Jan 1832 Rotherfield, Sussex (St Denys) (MI)


manJames Peerless‏‎
Born ‎1807‎
In 1841 Census he was living at Crowborough Common with William Coomber (80, ag.lab.) & Ann Coomber (75).
womanMary Peerless‏‎
Born ‎27 Sep 1809 Groombridge, Sussex‎, died ‎15 Apr 1849‎, 39 years, bur. ‎Apr 1849 Rotherfield, Sussex (St Denys) (MI)
In 1841 Census she was a servant with Thomas Marchant, a farmer, & his family at Great Freemans Farm, Mayfield.
manWilliam Peerless‏
Born ‎13 Jul 1813 Rotherfield, Sussex‎, baptised ‎1881 Rotherfield, Sussex (Hall Cottage)‎. Occupations: Gardener (1881)
When married in 1846 William and Maria were living at Kent Road, Camberwell, he a gardener. In 1871 & 1881 Censuses living at Rotherfield with his wife; in 1891 Census they were living at Fir[?] Tree Cottage, Rotherfield.