womanNaomi Foster‏‎
Born ‎C1847 Worth, Sussex‎, baptised ‎1901 East Grinstead, Sussex (9 Moat Road), died ‎3Q 1903 East Grinstead, Sussex‎, 55 or 56 years. Occupations: Laundress (1901)
Daughter of John Foster, a farmer dec'd before 1886, married previously to ? Goodwin who was dec'd before 1881; in 1881 Census she was a farmer of 10 acres, living at Turners Hill Road, East Grinstead with her children Louisa (10), Mary Jane (6), Arthur William (6) & Harry (4). When married in 1886 they were both widowed and living at East Grinstead; witnesses were Abraham and Margaret Foster. In 1901 Census she was at East Grinstead with her daughters Mary Jane (Polly) & Nellie Goodwin (19), laundresses, and Flory Pearless.

Married ‎14 Jun 1886 East Grinstead, Sussex (St Swithun) (16 or 17 years married) to:

manGeorge Peerless‏‎
Born ‎5 Jun 1831 Crowborough, Rotherfield, Sussex‎, baptised ‎ Crowborough & East Grinstead, Sussex, died ‎1Q 1913 East Grinstead, Sussex‎, 81 or 82 years. Occupations: Sawyer & timber merchant, ‎1st marriage to: Maria (Emily) Wood, ‎2nd marriage to: Naomi Foster. Son of William Peerless and Elizabeth ?
In 1851 Census he was a servant at Bank Farm, Capel, Kent. When married in 1855 he & Maria lived at Slaugham Gill, Rotherfield; in 1861 Census at Crowborough with children Thomas & Lucy; in 1871 with children Thomas, Lucy, Rose Ann, Clara, Francis & David; in 1891 he was at Medway(?) Farm, Kingscote, East Grinstead with his second wife Naomi, their daughter Flory & her children Arthur, Mary Jane, Henry & Nellie. In 1901 Census he was a patient at Sussex County Hospital, Brighton, his wife was at East Grinstead with Flory.


womanFlory Peerless‏‎
Born ‎C1888 Sussex‎‎
Described in 1891 Census as the stepdaughter of George Pearless, but presumably the daughter of his second wife Naomi.