womanAnnie Maud Jarrett‏‎
Born ‎24 Dec 1889‎, died ‎1Q 1973 Exeter, Devon‎, 83 or 84 years
Dorothy May Jarrett was a witness of the marriage of Mary Isabel Patty Pearless in 1924.

Married ‎3Q 1913 Tiverton, Devon (46 or 47 years married) to:

manReginald Camfield Pearless‏‎
Born ‎3Q 1887 Tiverton, Devon, died ‎3Q 1960 Exeter, Devon‎, 72 or 73 years. Son of Nugent Septimus Pearless and Patty Camfield Payne
Witness at the marriages of his sister Patty in 1924 and of his brother Nugent in 1928.