womanJane Camfield‏‎
Born ‎C1812 Speldhurst, Kent‎, baptised ‎1840 Speldhurst, Kent‎
Daughter of William Camfield, a Bricklayer. Witnesses at their marriage were John Guest & Mary Ann Guest.

Married ‎26 Dec 1840 Speldhurst, Kent (St Mary) to:

manRichard Peerless/ \Pea‏‎
Born ‎C1813 Hartfield, Sussex‎, baptised ‎1872 Rusthall, Kent‎. Occupations: Agric.Labourer/Gardener. Son of William Peerless/ \Pea and Hannah ?
In the 1851 Census, Richard and his family were living at Speldhurst (Denny Bottom, Rusthall); also with them was Eleanor Camfield (20), a visitor/servant who was presumably a relative of Jane. In 1861 the family was still at Denny Bottom.


womanSarah Camfield Pearless‏‎
Born ‎3Q 1841 Speldhurst, Kent‎, baptised ‎1911‎
Married 2Q 1860 at Tunbridge to George Denton. As S Denton in 1911 she was living at 46 Kingsgate Rd, West Hampstead and was present at the death of her brother Charles.
womanJane Pearless‏‎
Born ‎4Q 1843 Speldhurst, Kent‎‎
In 1861 Census she was a kitchen maid at Dunorlan, Tunbridge Wells.
womanEliza Elizabeth Peerless/ \Pea‏‎
Born ‎C1846 Speldhurst, Kent‎‎
Married 1Q 1875, Tunbridge to Richard Tester; in 1891 Census they were living at Tunbridge Wells with 7 children, 2 of whom (Lily & Harry) had Peerless as their second forename.
womanEllen Peerless/ \Pea‏‎
Born ‎C1848 Speldhurst, Kent‎‎
manWilliam Pearless‏
Born ‎28 Apr 1851 Tunbridge Wells, Kent‎, baptised ‎1893 Kilburn, London NW (4 Linstead Street), died ‎2Q 1932 Uxbridge, Middlesex‎, 80 or 81 years. Occupations: Gardener
Son of Richard Pee/earless & Jane Camfield, of Speldhurst & Rusthall. William & Eliza were cousins and, when married in 1872, both lived at Rusthall; George Denton & Selina Pearless were witnesses. In 1872 he was a gardener; in 1881 a labourer in an iron works, living at 16 Pembroke Rd, Willesden; in 1887 a factory checker, living at 4 Claremont Rd, Hendon; in 1893 a jobbing gardener, living at 4 Linstead St, Kilburn; in 1901 a gardener living at 108 Tennyson Rd Willesden with Eliza, their sons Herbert & Reginald, and his brother Charles.
manCharles Camfield Peerless/ \Pea‏
Born ‎7 Apr 1855 Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells, Kent‎, died ‎9 Jun 1911 Paddington, London W. (2 Edgware Place)‎, 56 years. Occupations: Gardener
When married in 1874 Charles & Alice both lived at 4 Andover Place, London NW, witnesses William Pearless & Ellen Capelin. In 1878 Ruth & her sons Charles & Ernest sailed for Australia on the "Lady Elizabeth", landing at Fremantle, WA. 12.3.1878; Charles may have travelled with them but did not disembark, sailed on to the Eastern States on the pretext of finding work, then continued back to England on the same boat. In 1901 Census he was with his brother William & family at Willesden and in 1911 his sister, Sarah Denton, was at his death.