manJoseph Peerless‏‎
Born ‎26 Jun 1803 Greenwich, Kent‎, died ‎3Q 1849 Greenwich, Kent‎, 45 or 46 years. Son of Joseph Peerless and Omier Pickett

Married ‎9 Dec 1827 Deptford, London SE. (St Nicholas) (21 or 22 years married) to:

womanSusannah Middleton‏‎
Born ‎C1811 Greenwich, Kent‎, baptised ‎1851 Greenwich, Kent (10 Woolwich Road)‎. Occupations: Laundress (1851)
In 1851 Census she was a widow living at Greenwich with her children Joseph, William, George, Caroline & Ann. In 1861 Census she was "housekeeper" at 23 Derwent Street, Greenwich with her children Susan, George & William, and John Fisher (6,b.Greenwich) & Caroline Palmer (1,b.Greenwich) both described as "Nursechild". In 1871 Census she was living at 8 Lavender Terrace, Greenwich with a lodger John Fisher (16).


manJoseph Peerless‏
Born ‎9 Jun 1828 Greenwich, Kent (Woolwich Road)‎, died ‎4Q 1908 Greenwich, Kent‎, 79 or 80 years. Occupations: Coal porter (1851 & 1881)
In 1851 Census he was living with his widowed mother and siblings, unmarried and a coal porter. In 1861 Census he was a stoker in the Royal Navy on HMS Mars. In 1871 Census he was a labourer lodging at 42 Pelton Rd, Greenwich with his wife; in 1881 Census living at 7 Bennett St, Greenwich with his wife and daughters Lizzie, Sarah & Louisa; in 1891 Census at 5 Clarks Buildings, Greenwich with his daughters Lizzie, Louisa & Florrie, his wife being an inmate at the Greenwich Union Infirmary.
womanSusanna Peerless‏‎
Born ‎31 Dec 1830 Greenwich, Kent (Woolwich Road)‎, baptised ‎1901 Watford, Herts., died ‎2Q 1903 Watford, Herts.‎, 72 or 73 years. Occupations: Servant (1861)
In 1901 Census she was a lunatic patient at the Metropolitan Asylum, Leavesden Watford.
manWilliam Peerless‏
Born ‎1 Oct 1832 Greenwich, Kent (Woolwich Road)‎, baptised ‎1881 Limehouse, London E. (2 New Square), died ‎1Q 1916 Greenwich, Kent‎, 83 or 84 years. Occupations: Dock labourer (1881)
In 1851 Census he was living with his widowed mother at Greenwich, unmarried and a carter. In 1881 Census he was living at Limehouse with his wife.
manGeorge Peerless‏‎
Born ‎C1835 Greenwich, Kent, baptised ‎1851 Greenwich, Kent‎. Occupations: Market Gardener (1851)
womanCaroline Peerless‏‎
Born ‎C1836 Greenwich, Kent, baptised ‎1851 Greenwich, Kent‎
womanAnn Peerless‏‎
Born ‎C1838 Greenwich, Kent, baptised ‎1861 Southwark, London SE.‎. Occupations: Servant (1861)
In 1851 Census she was living with her parents at Greenwich; in 1861 she was unmarried, a servant at the Anchor Tap (P/H), 28 Horselydown Lane, Southwark.