manHarry Pearless‏‎
Born ‎4Q 1846 Cowden, Kent‎, baptised ‎1891 Mile End, London E. (3 Mile End Place), died ‎3Q 1939 Bethnal Green, London E.‎, 92 or 93 years. Occupations: Police Constable. Son of John William Pearless and Jane Huggett
1851 Census gives birthplace as Cowden, Kent, 1881 & 1891 as Hartfield, Sussex and 1901 as Holtye, Sussex. When married in 1867 he was a groom at Forest Row, and the family were there in 1871 Census. In 1881 Census they were at 378 Cable St, Shadwell E.; in 1891 Census they were at Mile End with children Harry, Arthur, Jesse, Ellen & Emily; in 1901 Census he was a caretaker living at Bethnal Green with his wife and children Arthur, Flora, Jesse, Ellen, Stanley & Daisy.

Married ‎24 Feb 1867 Forest Row, Sussex (71 or 72 years married) to:

womanElizabeth Grove‏‎
Born ‎C1849 Ashurst Wood, East Grinstead, Sussex‎, died ‎3Q 1942 Ilford, Essex‎, 92 or 93 years
Daughter of James Grove, a Blacksmith. When married she was living at Forest Row; witnesses were James Grove & Fanny Grove. Other records give her family name as Groves.


manHenry (Harry) Pearless‏‎
Born ‎2Q 1867 East Grinstead, Sussex, died ‎4Q 1892 Mile End, London E.‎, 24 or 25 years
manWalter Benjamin Pearless‏
Born ‎27 Mar 1869 Ashurst Wood, East Grinstead, Sussex‎, baptised ‎ Australia, died ‎6 Dec 1932 Australia‎, 63 years, bur. ‎ Victoria, Australia (Preston Cmty, Vic.). Occupations: Store keeper (1925)
When married in 1894, he was a Barman living at 56 Queen's Road, Barking; Alice was living at the same address. In 1907 they were living at 86 Gwendoline Avenue, Upton Park, West Ham; he was a Billiard Marker, as he had been in 1901 Census. They emigrated to Australia 1927/8 with their son George.
manGeorge James Pearless‏‎
Born ‎3Q 1871 St.Geo.East, London E., died ‎4Q 1871 St.Geo.East, London E.‎, under 1 year old
manWilliam Pearless‏‎
Born ‎5 Feb 1873 St.Geo.East, London E. (35 Joseph St)‎, died ‎1Q 1873‎, under 1 year old
manCharles Francis Pearless‏
Born ‎13 Dec 1873 Shadwell, London E (378 Cable Street)‎, died ‎4Q 1916 Bethnal Green, London E.‎, 42 or 43 years. Occupations: Barman (1901)
In 1901 Census he was a barman, living at the Woodhouse Tavern, Harrow Road, Cann Hall, Leytonstone, Essex. Although he had died in 1916, his widow Clara registered her son Frank as the son of "Charles Peerless, a barman" in 1919.
manArthur James Pearless‏‎
Born ‎4Q 1876 Shadwell, Stepney, London E., died ‎3Q 1911 Bethnal Green, London E.‎, 34 or 35 years. Occupations: Telegraph Messenger(1891)
In 1901 Census he was a labourer, living at home. Witnessed his younger brother Jesse's marriage in 1907.
womanFlora Bella Pearless‏‎
Born ‎2Q 1879 Shadwell, Stepney, London E.‎. Occupations: Counter assistant (1901)
Married 2Q 1906, West Ham, London E.
manGeorge Septimus Pearless‏‎
Born ‎9 Sep 1881 Mile End, London E. (3 Mile End Place)‎, died ‎1Q 1883 Mile End, London E.‎, 1 or 2 years
manJesse Pearless‏
Born ‎1Q 1884 Mile End, London E.‎, died ‎4Q 1915 Holborn, London WC.‎, 30 or 31 years. Occupations: Printer (1907)
womanEllen Selina Pearless‏‎
Born ‎1Q 1887 Mile End, London E.‎. Occupations: Apprentice (1901)
Married 2Q 1906, Bethnal Green, London E.
womanEmily May Pearless‏‎
Born ‎12 Nov 1888 Mile End, London E. (3 Mile End Place)‎, died ‎3Q 1892 Mile End, London E.‎, 3 or 4 years
manStanley Pearless‏‎
Born ‎30 Apr 1893 Mile End, London E. (3 Mile End Place)‎‎
Served WWI as Private, The Rifle Brigade [NArch].
womanDaisy Frances Pearless‏‎
Born ‎1Q 1896 Bethnal Green, London E.‎
Married George Thomas Victor Ashworth 19.9.1925, aged 29, at St Stephen's, Bow, London E.[MCert]. He was a clerk aged 24, son of William Henry Ashworth, a warehouseman; Daisy and George were both living at 29 Tredegar Road, Bow.