manJohn William Pearless‏‎
Born ‎C1810 Hartfield, Sussex‎, baptised ‎1851 Hartfield, Sussex (Rogers Town), died ‎before 1866‎, at most 56 years. Occupations: Gardener/Farm Labourer. Son of John Peerless and Frances (Fanny) Hards
When married he was living at East Grinstead. In 1841 Census he was living with Jane at Rogers Town, Holtye; in 1851 they were still at Rogers Town with their children William (9), George (6), Harry (4) & Eliza (9mos); in 1871 Census Jane, a widow, was living at Forest Row with daughters Eliza & Selina, and 3 boarders.

Married ‎1 Jun 1839 East Grinstead, Sussex (St Swithun's) (at most 27 years married) to:

womanJane Huggett‏‎
Born ‎C1810 East Grinstead, Sussex‎, died ‎26 Sep 1878 East Grinstead, Sussex (Glen-Vue)‎, 67 or 68 years
Daughter of William Huggett, labourer. When married she was living at East Grinstead; witnesses were John Huggett & Harriett Huggett. Other records gave her birthplace as Forest Row.


manWilliam John Pearless‏
Born ‎1Q 1842 Hartfield, Sussex, baptised ‎1891 East Grinstead, Sussex (30 Glen Vue Rd.), died ‎Dec 1895 East Grinstead, Sx. (Green Hedges Ave.)‎, 52 or 53 years, bur. ‎8 Dec 1895 East Grinstead, Sussex (Cemetery). Occupations: Carpenter
In 1861 Census he was in service at Ardingly, Sussex. In 1881 Census he was living with his wife and children William, Elizabeth & Harry in Glen Vue Road, East Grinstead; in 1891 still in Glen Vue Road with children Harry and Albert.
manGeorge Pearless‏
Born ‎5 Nov 1844 Cowden, Kent‎, baptised ‎1866 Bethnal Green, London E., died ‎2Q 1890 Battle, Sussex‎, 45 or 46 years. Occupations: Coachman
George and Elizabeth were married by Banns in 1866, both living in Bethnal Green; their fathers were deceased and William Pearless and Sarah Hollingdale were witnesses. In 1871 Census they and their daughter Elizabeth were lodging with William Annett & family at Church St, Walton-on-Thames, he described as a Flyman and both George & Elizabeth as born at East Grinstead. 1881 Census gave his birthplace as Shoebridges, Kent; he was then living at French St, Sunbury, Middx. with his wife and daughters Lily & Ada.
manHarry Pearless‏
Born ‎4Q 1846 Cowden, Kent‎, baptised ‎1891 Mile End, London E. (3 Mile End Place), died ‎3Q 1939 Bethnal Green, London E.‎, 92 or 93 years. Occupations: Police Constable
1851 Census gives birthplace as Cowden, Kent, 1881 & 1891 as Hartfield, Sussex and 1901 as Holtye, Sussex. When married in 1867 he was a groom at Forest Row, and the family were there in 1871 Census. In 1881 Census they were at 378 Cable St, Shadwell E.; in 1891 Census they were at Mile End with children Harry, Arthur, Jesse, Ellen & Emily; in 1901 Census he was a caretaker living at Bethnal Green with his wife and children Arthur, Flora, Jesse, Ellen, Stanley & Daisy.
womanEliza Pearless‏
Born ‎15 Jun 1850 Forest Row, Sussex‎, died ‎23 Oct 1925 Richmond, Surrey‎, 75 years
In 1861 Census she was living in Gt.College Street, St Pancras with her aunt & uncle, John & Harriett Garrod; Harriett was Eliza's mother Jane's sister (b.c1824,Forest Row) and John was described as "Grainer.Itinerant Baptist Minister". 1861 & 1871 Censuses gave her birthplace as Holtye.
womanSelina Pearless‏
Born ‎3Q 1853 East Grinstead, Sussex, baptised ‎1877 East Grinstead, Sussex (West Street)‎
Witnesses at her marriage were William Pearless (her brother-in-law?) and Louisa Arnold.