manPercy George Peerless‏‎
Born ‎18 Feb 1901 Camberwell, Surrey‎, baptised ‎ British Columbia, Canada, died ‎30 Sep 1978 Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada‎, 77 years. Occupations: Machinist/fitter. Son of Henry Peerless and Annie Elizabeth Lack
Aged 12 when his father died, at 14 he took an apprenticeship to become a machinist. With his widowed mother he emigrated to Canada 10.8.1922 on the "Andania", arriving Montreal 22.8.1922 and Nanaimo B.C. 10.9.1922; they lived first at Yellow Point, nr.Nanaimo. After his marriage in 1932, he and his wife lived at Salt Air B.C.,between Ladysmith & Chemainus, at 2 houses Limberlost & Sunnyhill. In 1940 they moved to Salmon Arm, in 1951 to Deep Creek and early 1960s to Armstrong [WFT].

Married ‎21 Sep 1932 Vancouver Island B.C., Canada (46 years married) to:

womanEva Margaret Plester‏‎
Born ‎4 Sep 1907 Didsbury, Alberta, Canada‎, died ‎6 Nov 1988 Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada‎, 81 years, bur. ‎ Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada
Daughter of James Plester & Phoebe Carter. In 1951 Eva & Percy started taking in foster children and on Christmas Day 1958 they took in a 6-day old baby, Russell Cadot, whom they raised to adulthood; after Percy's death in 1978, Eva moved to Revelstoke in 1985 [WFT].


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